Perhaps it was just a dream… How would we know?

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Evolutionary Biology-inspired Sciku

A thank-you letter from the future

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“It Was a Dark and Stormy Night”

When I met my Southern Baptist great-grandmother

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A 75–word novel/poem

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Chapter 3: Crystal Blue Persuasion

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Science Fiction

Chapter 1: An unintended harvest

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Why I’m leaving Facebook, for good this time

Photo of author, courtesy of CAartist, La Jolla, CA

I’m leaving Facebook,
LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
I love Medium

Once, it was FunBook


Sciku Inspired by “Interconnectedness of life”

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Jungle denizens
petri dish for pathogens
It’s so warm today

Adelia Ritchie, PhD

A long time denizen of the Pacific Northwest, scientist, educator, artist, farmer, chicken wrangler, editor & writer at

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