What this expression really means. It’s not what you think.

Photo by Edu Carvalho from Pexels

Perhaps it was just a dream… How would we know?

Photo by Dibakar Roy on Unsplash

Evolutionary Biology-inspired Sciku

A thank-you letter from the future

Photo by Andrea Lightfoot on Unsplash

“It Was a Dark and Stormy Night”

When I met my Southern Baptist great-grandmother

Photo by Ed Pirnak on Unsplash


And starting a war

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash


Spoiler alert: I don’t have the answer.

From overflowing cold frame to 11-hen chicken coop, it’s all garden love. Photo by author


That indescribable taste of a fresh-picked blueberry, and more…

Garden blueberries, photo by author

I am thankful for blueberries.

Or, how my garden rules/ruins my writerly life

Artful garden-art fence, by author


And you shouldn’t cook without it either.

Lovage, freshly cut and ready for drying, photo by author.

Adelia Ritchie

A long time denizen of the Pacific Northwest, PhD science lover, educator, artist, farmer, chicken wrangler, contributing editor at SalishMagazine.org.

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