Restless, original watercolor by Adelia Ritchie

The air is tangibly soft here! So warm and humid and fragrant, I thought, inhaling sweet tropical perfumes. I descended the stairs from the wobbly little aircraft that had hiccupped its way across the Caribbean from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Something forbidden came over me when I touched the ground.

75-word poem

Levitation by Pixabay

Until now she hadn’t understood
that gravity didn’t affect her.
Waking with a start,
she found herself
in the corner of her room,
caught in an eddy
near the ceiling.

Her mother had always
called her an airhead.
In school her classmates
called her a lightweight. …


Blue Seattle skyline, photo by Adelia Ritchie ©2018

damp moist dewy wet
humid steaming sticky sweat
rain hail sleet snow
fog mist cloud rainbow

brook river creek stream
pond lake ocean sea
raft boat surfboard ski
thunderstorm waterspout tsunami

cyclone typhoon hurricane
wild northeaster wind-wave train
ice liquid-vapor slush
flow drip burble gush

torrent rapids waterfall
glacier iceberg…

Photo by Laura Cortesi on Unsplash

There could be
no surprises left,
she thought,
as she made her way
through the ancient market,
wielding her cane
like a scimitar
against the small brown gypsy boys
begging for just one Dirham, inshallah.

Pungent scents of paprika, chilies,
garlic, camel dung, smoky incense
invaded her nostrils
as mosquitos helicoptered
down inside her…

The naked truth

The Wave, woodblock print by Japanese artist Hokusai, public domain

Author’s Note: Most of the research on spontaneous orgasms center around sex dreams, whether for male or female. What if there’s no sex?

The Female Version

I had a dream one morning recently, a powerful dream that caused me to wake up in the throes of a roaring orgasm. …

A Farmer’s Creative Sabbatical (6)

The ugliest American, iStock photo 94662484

Costa Rica is one of my favorite countries to visit, as are New Zealand and the Indonesian island of Bali. But I visit Costa Rica every year, if I can, because of its beauty, simplicity, and the kindness of its people. Life here is sweet, simple, slow-paced, and sumptuous. …

Adelia Ritchie

Science lover, contributing editor at, co-editor of The Open Kimono. Send us your edgiest stuff!

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