This totally sucks

Beach of my dreams, now only in my dreams. Photo by author.

First, the good news:

Aloha, Friends! I’m all packed and ready to head out to beautiful Kauai, including SCUBA gear, art supplies, and all my writing stuff, headed for a long-awaited writers’ conference at a beautiful resort on the southside of the island.

Oh, the sun! The sea air! That…

Image by author

Announcing our “Third Quarter Celebration” and launch of “The Open Kimono”!

We started this new publication late last year after too many discussions over too many margaritas in a too-tropical treehouse bar, both celebrating the rapidly approaching end of our third quarters.

Being writers of a certain age, we wondered why would we be afraid to describe accurately what happened in…


Rainbow of hope over Edmonds, WA. Photo by Author.

Can’t you give me an answer
that’s honest and true?
Don’t lie to me!
It’s enough that you

spin every fact,
words misconstrue,
alter the optics,
stretch the truth.

The oath of office
must be the glue
that binds us together
so trust can accrue,

to protect and defend
the many…


Tide Pool, image by Pixabay

Wet warm sand squishes
between my naked toes
the foamy edge of a tiny wave
slides across my foot
erasing its sand mud crust

my foot seeks soft places
away from fragile sea life
hiding in gnarled nooks
under rocks
inside abandoned shells

a clam filter feeds
as I approach
slamming shut…

Adelia Ritchie

Science lover, contributing editor at, co-editor of The Open Kimono. Send us your edgiest stuff!

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