What this expression really means. It’s not what you think.

Photo by Edu Carvalho from Pexels

Perhaps it was just a dream… How would we know?

Photo by Dibakar Roy on Unsplash

Evolutionary Biology-inspired Sciku

A thank-you letter from the future

Photo by Andrea Lightfoot on Unsplash

“It Was a Dark and Stormy Night”

When I met my Southern Baptist great-grandmother

Photo by Ed Pirnak on Unsplash


And you shouldn’t cook without it either.

Lovage, freshly cut and ready for drying, photo by author.

Limeridiculous Challenge

Which is NOT to say anybody loves limericks

Photo by Ricky Kharawala on Unsplash


So come over here, cutie, and shoot me (before I rhyme again)

Cherry clafoutis, fresh from the oven just now, photo by author


And why do I have to clean up after them?

Photo by Sergio Briones on Unsplash

Painted in pastels by author.

Adelia Ritchie

A long time denizen of the Pacific Northwest, scientist, educator, artist, farmer, chicken wrangler, editor & writer at SalishMagazine.org.

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