And being animals, we fight to be the alpha, or we stand back and submit to the will of the alpha. That's capitalism and why we love it. It's in our DNA. And BTW, I remember, as a kid, watching "The Millionaire" on TV every week. So thrilling to imagine that someday I would be visited by this guy and handed a million bucks! Even with strings attached! It's the wanting... the wanting more and better and fancier and bigger.. that makes us unhappy. Yet we are taught from birth to WANT. Instead, we should be taught how to grow our own food. Just saying. Thank you for this great piece. I've been drafting one on this subject for a while, and now I don't need to. Thanks for that too! :D

Science lover, contributing editor at, co-editor of The Open Kimono. Send us your edgiest stuff!

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