Hi Jason! Great Piece! Thanks for putting it out there. Just one thought, though. The very most important thing that has to change is the rampant growth of human population, at the expense of all other plant and animal life. We are using nearly twice the resources annually that Earth can provide, and literally overrunning the planet with people. David Attenborough was the first to have the courage to say so, out loud, and he's right. We need to end growth now, end the growth mentality, end capitalism (which is based entirely on growth), and start respecting, understanding and treading a lot more lightly on our fragile "blue marble." Zero Population Growth (ZPG) is not an easy subject for most, and impossible for a politician––yet, somehow we must make them address it. Politics, religion, anti-abortionists and the like will make this issue extremely difficult to address, but no matter how we feel about it, we must address it––NOW.

Science lover, contributing editor at SalishMagazine.org, co-editor of The Open Kimono. Send us your edgiest stuff! https://medium.com/the-open-kimono

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