Truth Be Told

A letter to all elected officials


Photo by Michael Carruth on Unsplash

An honest response
and thorough too?
Don’t lie to me!
It’s enough that you

spin every fact,
words misconstrue,
alter the optics,
and stretch the truth.

The oath of office
must be the glue
that binds us together
so trust can accrue,

to protect and defend
the many and the few.
This body of lies
in everyone’s view

took over the White House
and Washington too.
Seems normal these days
what once was taboo.

Remove him from office.
It’s long overdue!
To rescue our freedoms
what else can we do?

We can make it illegal
to misconstrue,
to lie, cheat and bribe.
What would stop you

from supporting a bill
for full peer review
of leadership tweets
before public view?

It isn’t too late,
this isn’t a coup.
Just do the right thing —
it’s all up to you.