Yes, there's plenty of negative energy around. Last week I snarled at a guy who came into the dentist office where I was checking in. He and his wife were maskless and he started yelling that he was vaccinated and wouldn't wear one. He told his wife NOT to put one on. I turned and yelled at him that I'm vaxxed too, so "please put one on to keep the peace. It's not that big a deal, unless you're a pussy, but I think you're more of a dick!" His wife put on the mask, and he sort of did, nose exposed. I felt terrible. I'm totally non-confrontational normally. I have no idea where those words came from, but that negativity must be inside me too! The office staff thanked me later, but I still felt awful. You are not alone, Desiree!

Science lover, contributing editor at, co-editor of The Open Kimono. Send us your edgiest stuff!

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